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3 Ways to make money with Text ALN SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is the cheapest form of digital marketing. It has a high ROI (Return On Investment) and is a great way to get in touch with your customers. But many people don’t know how to get started. In my Text ALN review post, I’m going to go over what it is, how it works, how to get started, and most importantly how can you make money using their service!

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is a type of marketing which uses text messages as a way to reach potential customers. It has become an effective tool for businesses to reach out to their customers through text messages and engage them in a conversation.

Or by using a toll-free phone number on your advertising or social media posts you can get people who are interested in your products/services to text you for more info.

This is perfect for sending customers product updates, special offers, or event invitations.

The most important part of SMS marketing is that customers must opt themselves in to receive your messages.

It’s a great way to build excitement for your products with a text-to-win campaign for a product or service you are promoting.

SMS marketing is a very powerful way to build a bond with your audience and increase your revenue.

SMS marketing stats 2022
Gary Vaynerchuk sms marketing

What is Text ALN?

And this is where they come in! The company started in 2019 and is already an established SMS marketing business. However, what is new (July 2022) is their new amazing affiliate program! More of that in a minute…

So What Do I Get With Text ALN?

You will get the following:

  • A free toll-free phone number of your choice – you can even choose a vanity number (the numbers spell out a word like INFO)
  • This is mine (877) 726-9717 if you’re in the USA just text info to that number to see it in action!
  • you get 500 text credits every month (with the option to add more credits if needed)
  • Done for you (DFY) auto drip text campaigns
  • Text campaign templates
  • Short message service which is the lowest price per SMS text
  • You can respond directly to your customers inside your inbox at no charge.
  • Text message scheduler so you pick the hour, day, week or even month your texts go out
  • Text-to-win campaigns
  • QR code generator
  • The proper mobile short code to allow your links to be displayed properly in your texts
  • UNLIMITED $40 instant commissions for anybody who joins with your affiliate link
  • A spot in the 3×10 monthly passive income matrix
  • And so much more!
Text ALN qr code
You can scan this QR code to see what happens… You get UNLIMITED use of our QR code generator tool too!
Text ALN SMS marketing dashboard
Text ALN SMS Marketing dashboard
Text ALN SMS marketing inbox
You can see all of your text messages from people who have replied to your toll-free number (and can reply back from here)

The Text ALN Exciting New Affiliate Program

With their new affiliate program, you will get all of the above plus an amazing compensation plan! Why I love it (and there’s much to love) is that you can use your 500 monthly text credits to promote ANY business you like!

That’s right you can use the SMS marketing service for anything and still make money in their affiliate program. This brings me to how you make money with SMS marketing…

text aln income proof
My latest Text ALN fast start bonus earnings… so far!

3 Ways to Make Money With Text ALN SMS Marketing

  1. The first way is you get UNLIMITED $40 INSTANT commissions for anybody who joins directly through your unique affiliate link.
  2. Their global 3×10 matrix is the monthly passive income commission and is paid out monthly. We will even place three paid members on your 1st level which pays out $59/month! (making the service free for you to use!)
  3. By using the 500 monthly text credits you can promote literally any business or affiliate marketing offers you have! Potentially bringing you in new leads and sales every month! Or use your toll-free phone number to build your team.

My Honest Text ALN Review (Video)

Text ALN Compensation Plan Explained

text aln review dashboard
I have made $1150 in fast start bonuses since I joined a few weeks ago!

We use a 3X10 forced global matrix for the monthly compensation plan.

As well as 100% INSTANT commissions from our fast start bonus. ( $40 per direct personal signup).

TextALN review compensation plan
Once we place 3 paid members under you in the 3×10 global matrix then Text ALN basically becomes free for you!

In the above photo, you will see that you will make $60/month (updated October 2022) on your first level. Then $5/mth per person on your 2nd level and so on down to 10 levels deep.

You do NOT have to fill each level to be paid for members on that level.

For example, if you have 3 people on your first level ($60) and 7 people on level 2 ($5/pp/mth) then you would make $95/mth total.

You will get many spillovers and direct signups from my team and the company so you don’t have to fill in each level yourself. I have already received over 40 spillovers and am making passive income! And we have only just begun!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

text aln monthly income
This is from my monthly income already!
Text ALN compensation plan
The company’s global 3×10 matrix
Text ALN global matrix
Your own matrix with your first 3 spillovers (paid members) from the company

The second way you get paid is when you bring in direct personal signups into the company (our team) then you get the $40 fast start bonus/person paid directly to you every month.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Text ALN Affiliate Program?

It costs a one-time $40 start-up fee (which goes to your sponsor) & $59 (the first month is $99) then it’s only $59/mth.

What do you get for your monthly payment?

  • You will get all of the SMS marketing services as mentioned near the top of my post
  • Full done for you (DFY) marketing platform
  • DFY landing pages
  • DFY emails and email autoresponder
  • your Toll-Free phone number for SMS marketing
  • 500 text credits/month (1 credit=1 incoming text)
  • your own SMS marketing platform to either grow your own Text ALN matrix (team) or for ANY business opportunity you like
  • UNLIMITED keywords
  • Locks in your spot on the matrix to earn those awesome monthly passive income commissions
  • UNLIMITED instant $40 commission/direct personal signup
  • weekly live training
  • my team bonuses (which you can also use for your leads)
  • you will also be joining the #1 team in the company = more spillovers for you!
textaln leaderboards
I am #8 & #10 on the Text ALN leaderboards and on Angela Peters level 1= more spillovers for you!

The Matrix Empire – Want to Triple Your Income Streams?

The Matrix Empire Review

The recently launched The Matrix Empire gives you the opportunity to add 2 more monthly passive income streams along with Text ALN in one platform!

As you can imagine all three income streams have a 3×10 matrix to earn a monthly passive income from each system.

The 3 income streams inside The Matrix Empire platform are Text ALN, Against All Odds and The Matrix Empire.

**Please note The Matrix Empire is completely optional and you can just join Text ALN or Against All Odds independently if you like.

The Matrix Empire Review Video

The Matrix Empire Compensation Plan

The Matrix Empire Compensation Plan
Add each member & level to get your total monthly income

Just like Text ALN when either the company or you place 3 members under you the system becomes FREE and anything on top is pure profit in your pocket!

The Matrix Empire has the same 3 X 10 matrix as Text ALN and works the same way (see the above diagram).

The Matrix Empire
With 3 members placed under you it’s FREE!

What Do You Get With The Matrix Empire?

You will get the done for you marketing platform, capture pages, landing pages, emails and email autoresponder, weekly live training, a spot in the 3×10 matrix and a $1997 Youtube Training course along with other traffic courses/training.

Anybody who joins under you in the Matrix Empire and then decides to join either Text ALN or Against All Odds will be placed directly under you (as long as you are a member of both) in their respective matrixes too! Which equals more monthly passive income streams for you!

The Matrix Empire dashboard
The dashboard back office

What is the Cost?

It is $45/month and remember when either you bring in 3 members yourself &/or the company places 3 people under you then it becomes FREE!

My Text ALN &/or The Matrix Empire Bonuses

Once you have become a paid member I will email you a copy of my team bonus page so not only will you get all of the bonuses for yourself but you can also use them for your leads and pass them down to your team members too!

Text ALN bonus
Text ALN bonuses
My Text ALN bonus

I hope you have enjoyed my Text ALN review post and I really hope you are pumped about this exciting SMS marketing new business opportunity! I look forward to having you on the #1 team soon! If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will get back to you ASAP.

*This post is for educational purposes only. Individual results may vary. The fact that I have made money from this affiliate program does not mean that you too can make the same amount of money. You might make more or less, it all depends on experience, determination and a lot of other things. It is very important for you to know that everything you do and get from this is at your own risk and depends on how much work you are willing to put in.

Text ALN Review: 3 Ways You Earn BIG with SMS Marketing » Many Roads Travelled
3 Ways to make money with Text ALN SMs Marketing

My Text ALN review shows you how to get 500 text credits/mth for ANY business while earning UNLIMITED $50 INSTANT commissions + a BIG monthly passive income!

Price: 59

Price Currency: US

Operating System: Internet

Application Category: SMS Marketing

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