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passport for my Africa trip

Find Out How I Went On This Crazy 30K Mile Road Trip To Africa

Travel Podcast: Episode 1 – Introduction & Why I Went On This Trip To Africa

Answering the 5 W’s Of Why I Decided To Start My Travel Podcast

  • Who is Tamara
  • What is your travel podcast about?
  • Where can I listen to your podcast?
  • When do new episodes come out?
  • Why did you start your travel podcast?
  • How did you decide to go on this crazy African road trip?

Solo Female backpacker riding on a rooftop of car on trip to Africa
I only travel in style! 😉

What Is Your Travel Podcast About?

I want to take you on my road trips around the world so you can get a real sense of what it’s like to travel/backpack, especially as a solo woman traveller. (No Instagram filtered to f**k photos here! lol).

Series 1 is kicking off with my first backpacking trip way back in 1993! So you will also get to time travel too! However, I give you up to date tips on each episode for when COVID 19 ever ends!

It is chronological order, and each episode is about one destination.

This trip to Africa covers over 30 000 miles, lasted 16 months (then I moved to the UK) and we go to 25 countries!

Where Can I Listen To Your Podcast?

You can listen to it right here! Or I can be found on most audio apps like:

Spotify logo
Apple podcasts logo

Google podcasts logo

When Do New Episodes Come Out?

Every other Thursday a new episode (& destination) is out! So make sure you subscribe on your preferred listening app so you don’t miss a stop along the way!

Why Did You Start Your Travel Podcast?

Several reasons really.

All of my friends (and many people I have met) have told me I need to write a book but I would have to write many books to cover all of my travels! So I thought why not start a travel podcast instead, especially as I love telling travel stories.

I hope that I can offer travel advice to solo women travellers and inspire them (and you) that it’s never too late to live your travel dreams! You just have to do it!

I also hope to inspire people who have chronic illnesses (like myself) and disabilities that you too can travel!

My motto is…

You are going to be sick wherever you are, so you might as well be on a beach, in the jungle, up a mountain, or sightseeing around a new city than stuck at home!”

Doing what you love usually makes you feel better too!

And lastly just to entertain you with my travel stories and adventures! Especially now when most of us are stuck in isolation, this way you can still ‘virtually’ travel with me!

How Did You Decide To Go On This Epic Africa Trip?

Well you are just going to have to listen to this episode! 😉

HINT: It wasn’t my bloody idea and I didn’t leave solo (although I did end up solo travelling after a few months).

2 backpackers leaving for their trip to Africa
Here’s….Casey! Just before we head out on our trip to Africa!

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I give a shoutout of my favourite review on every episode!

See you next Thursday!

You can find all of my episodes on the aps – I am working on the blog posts for each episode as fast as possible!

Until then safe travels…one road at a time!

Tamara x

VIDEO: Intro To My Solo Female Travel Vlog (& Travelling With A Chronic Illness) : S1E1

What Did You Think Of My First Travel Podcast Episode?

Leave me a comment below on your thoughts on this ep. Or if you have any questions about solo female travel or travelling with a chronic illness/disability then please do.

Next Travel Podcast Episode: The Adventure Begins In Paris!

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