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Free affiliate profram-the rapid profit machine-get started today

Here is My Rapid Profit Machine 2022 Review (Are You Ready To Have Your Mind Blown?!)

What is the Rapid Profit Machine?

The Rapid Profit Machine is a cost-free completely DFY affiliate marketing system set up using unique auto-tag modern technology on the awesome Builderall all-in-one digital marketing platform.

I can hear you say wtf is auto-tagging?

Well, my friend, you don’t have to worry about that since my good mate James Neville Taylor spent 6 months working it all out for you so all you have to do is click a few buttons and your free affiliate marketing program is good to go!

Let me break the Rapid Profit Machine down for you

As a free RPM user now all you have to do is grab your Builderall 2-week free trial then copy your unique RPM affiliate link and start sending traffic to earn from 10 income streams!

It doesn’t get any easier than this to make money online!

All of your email follow-ups will be sent on your behalf with your affiliate links already hardcoded into them!

One of the best features of the Rapid Profit Machine is email follow-ups. And you guessed it these are also professionally written for you too!

So after completing your Rapid Profit Machine set up your 15-day email sequence will begin automatically for you but you will still collect the leads in your own email list. How easy is that?

And all of your emails will already ‘automagically’ have your affiliate links embedded in them!

How cool is that?!

This super unique affiliate system is entirely FREE to start ( I really don’t know what James was thinking?) So don’t dilly dally and join today before he comes to his senses and starts charging for this!

Rapid Profit Machine monthly earnings

How long does it take to set this free affiliate program up?

I’m glad you asked…it will literally take you 5 minutes to set it up!

There are a couple of bonus steps inside the Rapid Profit Machine member site if you would like a chance to win free solo ad clicks and a spot in his free traffic rotator. Yep, he is even giving you free traffic too!

This is unheard of in affiliate marketing!

(Updated) Rapid Profit Machine Review (Video)

The membership site contains all the information, training, and promotional materials you will need.

It’s highly recommended to check out every tab inside and totally utilize all of the superb training offered to you which you also get free! What?!

So you can fully value what is being offered, I will give you a run-through of everything inside the RPM dashboard.

First, you will get a welcome video from James and a quick intro to why he has done all this work for people like yourself.

Rapid Profit Machine Setup Recap

In case you missed a step along the way you can always come back and watch the walk-through setup video again under help on the top menu then rpm recap (in the Rapid Profit Machine free membership site).

As well as check-in for free traffic winning contests and updates (he is always adding new things to make it even better!)

FREE Affiliate Marketing Training

Talk about overdelivering! You also get all this training for FREE!

free affiliate marketing training inside rapid profit machine

This training alone is worth at least $500-1000 (no joke). Whether you are a complete beginner in affiliate marketing or are an experienced marketer this training is so valuable it’s incredible just how much knowledge James is going to give you.

Affiliate Marketing Basics
Ninja Mind Hacks
Facebook Marketing
Solo Ads Marketing

free mind hacks training insdie the rapid profit machine
free facebook organic affiliate marketing training
free solo ads training

If you wish to fast-track your results, this can be achieved by purchasing high-quality traffic here. This traffic sourced by James is targeted to the make money online niche.

There is no requirement to purchase traffic, it is included here for those that wish to use a paid traffic strategy.

Easiest paid traffic I’ve ever used!

rapid profit machine solo ads

Done for you promo materials for your Rapid Profit Machine

There are images, banners (and video ads coming soon) that you can use in your social media, ad campaigns, and on your website just like this one …

free affiliate program -rapid profit machine

What there’s more?

Yep…You can get support inside the RPM membership site and James’s leading support staff will certainly address your questions and help you get going asap!

You can also reply to any of my emails and I will give you some personal support.

Here’s a Recap of Everything you get in this awesome FREE affiliate program:

In just a few very easy steps with helpful walkthrough videos, you can have a completely operational Rapid Profit Machine in less than 5 mins!

No editing or downloading is needed for the 15 DFY email follow-up series (they are sent on your behalf) but you still collect the leads!

I forgot to mention you can earn from over 26 different earnings streams all hardcoded to you. (more income streams are added all the time).

Accessibility to hours of top-class training from James Neville Taylor who is the #1 Builderall affiliate in the world!

You also get access to exclusive the VIP Rapid Profit Machine Facebook Group with over 9000+ like-minded members.

There is also free live Masterclass training every Wednesday at 12 pm EST (by the best marketers in the world) and Saturdays at 12 pm EST.

Plus of course my $5000 in bonuses (see below).

So How Do I Make Money Off The Rapid Profit Machine?

Through affiliate marketing of course!

You get 30% commissions on 2 tiers of anybody that gets Builderall, then 30% monthly recurring commissions (passive income) not just from the people you bring into the RPM &/or through your Builderall affiliate sales funnels but also on the people that they bring in too!

This is called a 2 tier affiliate system (the best kind).

As a free RPM member, you make 25% commissions on all of the Rapid Profit Machine upsells plus 10% on the Massive Affiliate Blueprint and 5% on MAB Elite totalling a possible $1625/lead!

(Not including your Builderall commissions).

Are There Are Any OTOs (one-time offers) in The Rapid Profit Machine?

Yes, there are 4 optional upsells or OTOs (one-time offers) that you can get if you like.

And remember you also make 25% commissions on all of the RPM products as a free RPM member, unless you upgrade to RPM pro then you make 50% commissions on all RPM products plus Massive Affiliate Blueprint & MAB elite!

So with RPM pro, you could make $3250 from just 1 lead! Mind-blowing!!

And if you think the Rapid Profit Machine kicks ass (because it does) the Massive Affiliate Blueprint is the RPM x 1000! I should know because I have it.

And you make 75% commissions on everything I just mentioned!

(That’s a possible $5000 in commissions/lead!)

Plus you make Builderall’s 30% commissions on your 1st month, then 30% monthly recurring on 2 levels! So not only are you making 30% commissions from the sales you make but also 30% from sales your leads make!

See the above video on how a 2 tier affiliate system works. (PS It kicks ass!)

OTO 1: Rapid Profit Machine Pro

You will make 50% commissions on all RPM upsells plus the Massive Affiliate Blueprint products taking you up to a possible $3250/lead!!

Plus monthly recurring on our new pro plans see below image.

Just like Builderall whatever price you join at, you will be grandfathered in at that price.

Plus you also get more VIP affiliate marketing training as well as free tracking software too!

This is completely optional but for that price, it’s a bargain (I have it and it’s well worth it).

Rapid Profit Machine pro plans
Rapid Proft Machine Earning Results

rapid profit machine pro

OTO 2: Traffic Secrets Sources

You will have the best possible results you can get from your Rapid Profit Machine for your new business with QUALITY traffic.

You will get ALL of James’ secret traffic sources that he uses and earn him almost $2000/day!

There’s no catch… no gimmicks… You will NOT be signing up for any “trial” to some monthly program or anything like that.

Cost $7

Rapid Profit Machine - OTO 2 Secret Traffic Sources

OTO 3: Taylored Income Streams Trifecta

You will get access to 3 SUPER HIGH converting income streams with a 30 day done for you email sequence downloaded and plugged into your RPM system in just a few clicks.

Right now, you have access to the main RPM funnel and it has 2 weeks of follow-up attached to it…

But what then?

What are you going to do after those 2 weeks?

Those hot leads are going to get colder and colder the longer you leave them without emailing them.

Sure, you can go out and find some programs to promote

Hope they’re good,
Hope they pay you what they will owe you,
Get the emails,
Get your links,
Then copy and paste everything.

But let’s face it, you’ve got better things to do.

So with this package of 3 red hot income streams, you can download the sequences, and easily connect them to your RPM without you even clicking edit on any of the emails.

Using the same technology the RPM uses, it’s never been easier!

So, this will save you an incredible amount of time, energy, and effort and also make sure your leads don’t start to go cold after the RPM email sequence ends.

PLUS you will also get FREE retargeting using James’ paid ads!


Cost $97

Rapid Profit Machine - OTO 3 Taylored Income Stream Trifecta

OTO 4:Turbo Charge Upgrade

You will get FOUR POWERFUL Lead Generation Software.

PLUS SEVEN FREE BREAKTHROUGH VIP SESSIONS WITH 7, 8 & 9 Figure Entrepreneurs worth tens of thousands of dollars!

(Value like this just isn’t offered by anyone else)

James’ will give you his entire software suite for a ridiculously low one-time investment. 

His three powerful lead gen software for a one-time huge discount
PLUS an extra lead generation partner software as well.

These are worth hundreds per month in total, and you are getting them for a low one-time cost today.

His 3 software will work together to turn your Facebook into a POWERFUL lead generation machine.

Number 1 is Turbo Networker

Which allows you to automagically connect and automate outreach with friends and prospects on Facebook.

Number 2 is Post Prospector

Which allows you to laser target goldmine posts and catch them before anyone else

Number 3 is Engage Xtreme Live

It allows you to massively increase engagement on Facebook lives and get the attention of influencers.

All three of these tools work to turn your Facebook into a leads machine.

Cost $297

Rapid Profit Machine OTO 4 Turbo Charged 4 Lead Generation Software

So How Much Is This Going to Cost Me For Real?

There is nothing to pay. Nada, zip, zero dollars for the Rapid Profit Machine training inside the membership site.

I told you this is a FREE affiliate marketing system that you can start for free and that it would blow your mind!

(All 4 of the Rapid Profit Machine OTO’s are completely optional.)

A 2 week free trial to Builderall is included (no credit card needed) in the RPM since you need a Builderall account as the whole system is built on it & now Warrior Plus (21/02/22). Which is also ridiculously priced to be able to have unlimited access to over 40+ online marketing tools all on 1 platform- you can check that out here.

After your Builderall trial, you do need to have an active Builderall membership plan in order to access your RPM affiliate link and get Builderall commissions as an RPM member.

Builderall has payment plans you can choose from (starting at $14.95/mth) after your 2-week free premium trial and still be able to promote the RPM.

But remember you can use all 40 tools to build even more income streams like building websites, blogs, sales funnels, unlimited email autoresponder, Woocommerce, webinars, helpdesk, chatbots, social media auto-posting, membership sites, e-Learning, and even have your own WordPress site and personal server!

Plus many more tools and ways to build an income online besides the multiple streams of income inside the Rapid Profit Machine!

But if you decide to cancel your Builderall membership (though why you would I do not know) you still keep your access to the Rapid Profit Machine membership site and all the training for 0 dollars! Builderall also has a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee.

Are you sure this isn’t a scam?

It’s 100% legit!

I met James in 2017 when we did the 1st Builderall Certified Partner program together. He was the very first person in the world to get qualified and I was the 1st Canadian to ever become a certified partner.

So I personally know James and he is 1 of the nicest, most humble, and generous men you can ever meet!

His motto is under promise and over deliver and as you can see he is certainly a man of his word!

This system is ideal for people brand-new to affiliate marketing and also those knowledgeable marketers, wishing to add an additional income stream to their business.

Click on the button below and get instant access to your money-making machine today!

Seriously what are you waiting for?!

My Rapid Profit Machine Exclusive Bonuses If You Join Today!

You will get these FREE bonuses just for joining my email list for RPM!

rapid profit machine bonus

You will get all of the bonuses below when becoming a paid Builderall Premium Member

(and even get them to use for your leads! That’s Over $5000 in Value!)

massive affiliate blueprint review bonus
Rapid Profit machine bonus
rapid profit machine bonus
massive affiliate blueprint review bonus
healthynuliving bonus
rapid profit machine bonuses

I hope you enjoyed my Rapid Profit Machine review and if you have any questions just comment below and I will get back to you asap!

Also, I do answer all of my emails and I am happy to help you in any way I can. So if you join the RPM then just reply to any of my emails and I will get back to you asap.

Rapid Profit Machine (FREE Affiliate Program) is a No Brainer! 2022 Review » Many Roads Travelled
rapid profit machine free affiliate program

The Rapid Profit Machine has 25 income streams built in this kick ass done for you system! Plus you will get my $5000 in bonuses too!

Price Currency: $

Operating System: internet

Application Category: affiliate marketing

Editor's Rating:
Rapid Profit Machine Review | (The New and Improved) Rapid Profit Machine

To start for free you can click: and get my bonuses! As well as learn more about my Rapid Profit Machine Review#rapidp…

Rapid Profit Machine (FREE Affiliate Program) is a No Brainer! 2022 Review » Many Roads Travelled
rapid profit machine free affiliate program

The Rapid Profit Machine has 25 income streams built in this kick ass done for you system! Plus you will get my $5000 in bonuses too!

Price Currency: $

Operating System: internet

Application Category: affiliate marketing

Editor's Rating:

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  1. Im not techie and i cant find my way thru with the system. As such i hereby cancel my 14-day free trial subscription which i signed up last may 24, 2021. I hope im still welcome to join in the future. Thank you very much.

    1. If you reply to one of my emails or email [email protected] I can help you set it up for you if you like? Yes of course you can rejoin any time you like. Once it is set up everything else is done for you. You just have to drive traffic to your website 🙂 Tamara

  2. I just joined last night. I plan on calling my mentor alittle later. I am not tech minded at all so I need lots of help. I’m a stay at home grandma with lots of spare time to spend doing this, and hopefully making lots of money. I am so excited to start

    1. Hi, Josue you get a 2 week free trial to Builderall (unlimited use to 50 digital marketing tools) and free lifetime access to the affiliate marketing training inside the Rapid Profit Machine membership site. You can join here for free If you need help or have any questions just reply to 1 of my emails (after you join via the above link) and I will be happy to help you. Cheers, Tamara

  3. My 14 day free trial ends tomorrow October 23, 2021. I want to cancel effective immediately. Please send comfirmation. Thanks,
    Sheri Field

    1. I don’t see you in my Builderall dashboard so just contact Builderall support to cancel your account. You still get free lifetime access to the training inside RPM membership site.

  4. I can not work through the program, guess I am too old. But that is ok. please cancel any and all my purchases and refund my money to my account. Thank you Mary. I believe there were 4 or 5 purchases made on 10/18/2021. thank you again.

    1. Hi Mary I am sorry to hear that however it doesn’t look like you joined under me. Regardless you will have to contact builderall support to cancel your membership inside your Builderall dashboard and the Rapid Profit Machine support inside the rpm membership site. Please note that Builderall has a 30 day money back guarantee and the RPM upsells have a 14 day money back guarantee. The RPM has recently been updated so it is even easier to use now. You don’t have to do set up anything except a Builderall active account. I have just added a new rpm video tutorial to this page.

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