The Top 3 Things You Should Know About Me…

First of all thank you for checking out my solo female travel blog and travel podcast!

Hi! I am Tamara, a Canadian Brit who loves solo female travel, no doubt just like you do!

  • I love to travel overland
  • I love to advocate sustainable travel
  • I do my best to not let my chronic illness stop me from travelling!

Who Is Tamara?

The Skinny About Me

After 30 years of travelling to 76 countries, I am hoping to impart my travel knowledge to you with tips on how to solo travel as well as what to see & do when you get there… And more importantly what NOT to do! lol

I have travelled extensively in Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa, India & South East Asia as a solo female traveller.

I also lived in the UK for over 20 years and in India for 3 years on/off.

I have been travelling overland via public transport or hitching since my 1st solo adventure in 1993…hence the name of my ‘brand’ – Many Roads Travelled.

That was a 30,000-mile road trip that lasted 16 months from Paris to Cape Town then I hitched back to Nairobi.  And the first series of my solo female travel podcast!

Yep that was before mobile phones, Google maps, Trip Advisor and even the internet!!

From there I moved to the UK where I lived for over 20 years. It was in England that I got my 4-year Bsc Honours Degree in Chinese Medicine, however, due to health reasons (and having multiple surgeries on my hands),  I had to stop practicing which really sucked!

I did have great success in my clinic in Goa, India for 2 years treating locals and tourists.

After moving back to Canada, I have been learning about digital, affiliate marketing, and website design.

So now it’s time to put what I have learned into creating my own travel blog and podcast with the hopes I can help and entertain you!

solo female traveller snorkeling in the Parinthian islands
First thing about me: Despite my chronic illness I don’t let it stop me doing things that I love! I also love nature/animals. (Parinthian Islands, Malayisa)
Solo female traveller Crossing a bridge in Pakistan
Second thing about me…I love to travel off the beaten path (Himalayans, Pakistan).

What Can You Expect From My Solo Female Travel Blog?

First of all, I hope to inspire other women to travel solo because if I can do it (especially back in the pre-internet 90s!) so can you!

You don’t have to do long term backpacking or do some of the crazy shit I have done lol.

Many things you will read or hear that I have done is the opposite of what most ‘sensible’ female bloggers tell you to do!

I also hope to inspire all other people who have disabilities or chronic illnesses (like myself) that you can travel too.

My motto is if you are going to be sick, you might as well be sick doing something in someplace you love.

Whether that be in a jungle, beach, up a mountain or new city just do it! You will be ok – just rest when you need to and get travel insurance.

Secondly, as I almost always travel overland via public transport, I will show you ways that you can approach sustainable travel.

Since the awful state our beautiful planet is in, we all have to embrace sustainable travel in 2020 and beyond (if COVID 19 ever ends that is).

I have always preferred to travel through a country rather than just ‘to’ a country.

Thirdly, to share with you travel advice and tips for solo female travel.

And finally, I hope to entertain you by taking you on my crazy ass adventures one road at a time via my solo female travel podcast & blog…well not literally as that would take forever! 

What About Your Travel Podcast?

I am going to do my travel podcast in series and first up will be my African trip-the hardest and longest of my journeys
(and my first backpacking trip when I was 23).

This series will take you on my 16 months, 30,000-mile road trip from Paris to Cape Town via public transport and then I hitched back up to Nairobi before moving to the UK!

This is what I mean by sustainable travel 😉

Each episode will be about 1 destination and at the end of each episode I will give you up to date ‘Tam’s Top Tips’ about that place.

My solo travel podcast is live now!

About me - I love eating Italia food in Venice Italy
Third thing about me…I love tasting local food and booze! 😉 (Venice, Italy)
2 females drining in bar in New York City
One more thing to know about me…I love helping people like you!
(New York City baby!)

Anything Else About Solo Female Travel?

Well yes there is…I’m glad you asked.

My Youtube Channel has launched!

I will also have plenty of travel guides, special deals, freebies, and resources to help you along your travels.

I have always travelled on a budget so I will also share with you my best travel budget tips and tricks!

Including how to make money online to travel &/or how to work as a digital nomad!

Stay tuned!

Thank you so much for visiting my website and I hope we have a long fun relationship!

Until then safe travels…one road at a time!

Tamara xx