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One of my fave experiences ever! Hanging out with a family of 12 gorillas in Zaire Africa.

Welcome To My Solo Female Travel Blog – Many Roads Travelled

Hi I’m Tamara a Canadian Brit and after 30 years of solo female travel I thought it was about time I share my travel knowledge (dare I say expertise) and female travel tips as well as my travel budgets since I’m all about cutting costs so I can travel longer and more often! You can find out more about me over here.

So my solo female travel blog was born! Now of course you don’t have to be into solo female travel to enjoy my blog, travel podcast or travel vlog it’s just that that’s what I am & do so I guess I know the most about. However just like this guy said it’s for everyone who loves travel and adventures!

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I will try update the blog as much as quickly as possible! I am very good about releasing my travel podcast episodes every Thursday though!

You can find the blog posts (that I have wriiten so far) below and can subscribe by clicking on your preferred audio app. However, the podcast can be found on most audio aps and even Amazon Audibles now (well in some countries), so Alexa and even Siri can find me now!

Oh how times have changed since I first started travelling way back in 1993! We didn’t even have internet, cell phones and definetly no Google maps or Trip Adviser!

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What To Expect From Your (Solo Female) Travel Blog?

Just in case you don’t know I am covering (and I invite you to join me) my first backpacking trip first.

This turned out to be a 16 month, 30 000 miles (48,000km) overland trip from Paris to Cape Town, I then hitched back up to Nairobi from Durban, South Africa.

I then moved to the UK from Nairobi, Kenya and lived, worked and studied there for over 20 years! So what I thought was going to be a 6 month trip turned into a 22 year trip!

Why I Love Solo Female Travel

This is one of the things I love about travelling, you just never know what is going to happen on your adventures! This is also why I love solo female travel because you get to do whatever you want (within reason) and go wherever you like without having to confer with somebody else! To me, it’s the ultimate freedom.

Now I did leave with a friend on my African trip but we went our own ways about 5 months into the trip so I was on my own! I did meet other awesome travellers along the way and there were times we travelled together as we were going the same way.

Another great thing about solo travel is that if/when you get annoyed with your “new” travel companions you can give them the heave ho and venture on your own again…win win!

On my other long overland backpacking trips, I pretty much travelled solo throughout those trips. Such as a year-long trip from Amsterdam to Kathmandu, 2 different 5-month trips around South East Asia, 3.5 years of solo female travel all around India, several shorter trips around Europe and my 1 month trip around Central America taking me up to 76 countries (so far).

Of course, I have also gone on holidays with friends and partners too so I am not a solo travel snob 😉

We All Must Start Sustainable Travel

I love travelling overland (or water) the best and I do believe we all must start sustainable travelling sooner rather than later (whenever Covid 19 gets under control) to save our beautiful planet!

This is another reason I started my solo female travel blog to share my overland travel experiences and tips to hopefully inspire you to do the same in the future.

If you have any questions about solo female travel or just travel in general, requests for topics me to cover on my solo female travel blog/travel podcast or travel vlog then please just let me know!

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