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Massive Affiliate Blueprint Review

Are you looking to make a full-time income from affiliate marketing? If so, this mind-blowing done-for-you affiliate marketing system is for you. You have NEVER seen anything like this before I can assure you.

The Massive Affiliate Blueprint is a done-for-you affiliate marketing system that will not only teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing but will you have you up and running in minutes!

This is perfect for beginners and those who are looking to take their affiliate marketing business to the next level.

Introduction: Why You Need the Massive Affiliate Blueprint

The Massive Affiliate Blueprint is a must-have for anyone that is serious about making money from affiliate marketing. It gives you the tools, knowledge, and confidence that you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer. This affiliate marketing system was created by James Neville-Taylor, one of the most successful internet marketers in the world.

He’s been a featured guest on the leading affiliate marketing podcasts and has spoken at international conferences. Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what some of his students have to say:

“I love the fact that you have simplified such a complex topic.”

massive affiliate blueprint review earnings
Massive Affiliate Blueprint review payment proof
Some of my commissions from the Massive Affiliate Blueprint

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Before we dive into my Massive Affiliate Blueprint review, let’s quickly define what affiliate marketing is.

An affiliate is someone who promotes another company’s products or services on their own website, social media, ads or blogs and receives a commission for each sale that results from their efforts.

In other words, an affiliate is a referral source. They recommend products and services they think you might like to others. When you buy these products or services, they get a commission.

So you do not have to create products, offer customer service or take care of payments as the company does all that for you!

In return, you earn a % from the sale when somebody buys a product or service through your unique affiliate link.

In 2022 the affiliate marketing industry is estimated to be worth over $12 billion globally!

Now imagine an affiliate marketing system so push button, that you never had to edit ANYTHING!

How much time would it take you to edit just 10 emails in a sequence, with your links, capture pages, lead magnets, and setting up your own membership site?

It takes so long to even edit ONE email sequence and update it with your details.

The sheer amount of work that goes into setting up all your emails, sales funnels, membership sites, lead magnets and figuring out how your software platforms work.

Then the tweaking and testing to make sure everything converts.

It’s enough to make even the most experienced affiliate marketers give up

But hold on before you decide this isn’t for you, I’m about to show you a way to make affiliate marketing sooooo easy & (potentially) highly profitable for you by introducing you to The Massive Affiliate Blueprint (I hope you are sitting down lol)

What is the Massive Affiliate Blueprint and how can it help you?

The Massive Affiliate Blueprint was built using a unique automation technology that makes it easy for you to have a successful affiliate marketing business ready to go in no time!

The ONLY technology that allows you to AUTO UPDATE all of your email signatures, affiliate links and information across hundreds of emails and pages without you ever clicking edit ONCE!

What that means is you can have hundreds of emails, landing pages, lead magnets, membership areas and websites updated with your links in minutes without you ever editing a single one of them!


The Massive Affiliate Blueprint is the ONLY system in the world that utilizes this BRAND NEW Technology.

With this NEW TECHNOLOGY, you can have EVERYTHING updated with your own affiliate links without you ever hitting edit.

It’s like magic for affiliate marketers…especially for beginners!

This means you can have the same business James’ used to create a $700,000+ per year business in record time.

Visualize how rapidly you will be able to accomplish your goals when you have nothing to set up.

When you have every page, every lead magnet, every email and more already done for you and updated with your affiliate links, it’s very easy to see how fast your business can grow.

And I should know because that’s exactly what happened to me after I got it!

How much time do you think that will save you?

I would guess anywhere from 6 months to a year easily.

So instead of spending $1000s on a course and going through hours and hours of training, instead you can hit the ground running and start making money in literally minutes!

But don’t just take my word…

Just take a look at what Tom Beal said (who is 1 of the top affiliate marketers out there!)

Massive Affiliate Blueprint Tom Beal Testimonial
And this was after just after 48 hours of promoting MAB!

And what about Bobby and Wayne, both beginners who struggled building landing pages, writing emails, setting up an email sequence for just 1 product!

MAB testimonial
Testimonial for Massive Affiliate Blueprint

Or Jean who has been working online for over 8 years

done for you affiliate marketing system

How does the Massive Affiliate Blueprint differ from other affiliate marketing systems/courses?

Unlike many affiliate training and marketing courses, MAB doesn’t require any programming, editing or technical knowledge – all you need is a computer and an internet connection!

So many other affiliate marketing programs get you in on a low cost “front-end’ offer and teach you a little bit about how to start a successful online business.

But then you realize you can’t do everything that was promised unless you buy a high ticket ($2500+) ‘blueprint’, upsell or 1 on 1 coaching etc.


It happened to my friend Rachel. She blew her credit cards buying a “miracle” product from a well-known “guru”, only to find it didn’t deliver on what it promised.

She was told that in order to advance to the next level, she would need to invest five figures into coaching.

Again, so WRONG…

You work hard for your money, and they just give you false promises unless you fork over $1000s or even $10s of thousands to get the real full package.

And that is where the Massive Affiliate Blueprint (MAB) is totally different than what those ‘gurus’ are peddling because EVERYTHING is included!

NO upsells!

The only thing you do need to have is an active Builderall account as MAB is built on that which is an all-in-one marketing platform that I have used since 2017!

And it includes the technology to have a system that would normally take more than 6 months to set up…

In just a fraction of the time, our technology can have you up and running.

And you can get a plan starting from just $16.90/month! That’s it.

Video: Watch My Massive Affiliate Blueprint Review to Get A Full Walkthrough

How Does The Massive Affiliate Blueprint Work?

With just ONE download click you will get

Every email,

Every landing page

Every bridge page

Every lead magnet

Every link inside every asset inside MAB

Your system comes with all the custom code pre-loaded in all the right places.

Imagine if you will every button and every link inside thousands of emails with your links in place.

Then all you do is enter your name, and affiliate links ONCE on ONE page.

And they are pulled automatically (like a magician pulling a bunny out of his hat) across hundreds of emails, hundreds of pages and hundreds of links.

Your name on every email signature.

Your links on every page, email and button.

Without you ever clicking edit on a single thing!

This is what is now possible with this new Autotag Technology.

It literally shortcuts months and even years of setup.

In fact, the longest part of this entire process is signing up for all 40 of the proven affiliate programs you are going to get paid from!

And even that only took me 2 hours (including completely setting up MAB).

Truly my mind was blown because this would have taken me months and months to do myself. And I have been in this industry since 2017!

So for an affiliate marketing beginner to do all of this from scratch?

It would take you at least a year and you most likely wouldn’t even get approved to promote most of these offers!

One of the biggest obstacles for new affiliates is not knowing who to trust, what products to promote, which ones convert, and which ones pay on time or at all!

Why put yourself through all that hassle when you could just take the easy way out? With over 40 tried and tested affiliate offers, you’ll be up and running in no time!

What’s Included In The Massive Affiliate Blueprint Done for You Affiliate Marketing System?

This brand new technology and affiliate marketing system transforms anyone into a high-paying super affiliate with the most complete & easy done-for-you affiliate marketing system out there!

I am talking about…

More than 40 proven, tested and trusted income streams

More than 365 high-converting email follow-ups

(that’s over a year’s worth of emails written for you! That alone was 1 of the main reasons I got MAB. I hate writing emails lol)

12 converting lead capture pages

12 high-quality & professionally written lead magnets

A full WHITE LABEL Affiliate Marketing Course with TWENTY TWO videos that you can sell at any price and keep 100% of the profits

Updated with all of your unique affiliate links for all 40 income streams..

& 100s of buttons & links throughout the system

Without you ever having to edit a single thing!

A system like this with all the automation, pages and emails would cost AT LEAST $50,000 to set up manually, and that is cheap! No joke!

And that is just the done for you affiliate marketing system part of MAB … there’s so much more!

Massive Affiliate Blueprint Features – You get EVERYTHING today!

FEATURE #1: 40+ Done For You Proven & Tested High-Converting Affiliate Marketing Offers. 

– this is priceless because you will know exactly what to promote. Instead of spending months of your valuable time trying to find quality affiliate offers to promote. You will have more than 40 trusted, proven and high-quality offers to promote & that payout.  (Value PRICELESS)

FEATURE #2: INSTANT APPROVAL to highly EXCLUSIVE Affiliate Programs

 –  A lot of the affiliate programs with all done-for-you materials inside the MAB are exclusive to veteran affiliates only. Meaning if you don’t have results to show, or a good track record, you are not getting in. When you become a MAB member today, you get instant approval for income streams and exclusive affiliate products without the lengthy approval process  (Value PRICELESS)

FEATURE #3: Increased Commissions for ALL Backend RPM and MAB Products

– As a free member of the Rapid Profit Machine, you get 25% commissions on all RPM & MAB products. But if you are a MAB member you will get a whopping 75% commission on EVERYTHING!! This means 1 lead could be worth over $3750! (Value PRICELESS)

FEATURE #4: You will OWN 12 DFY Proven & Tested High Converting Landing Pages

– James charges $500 per page to create pages for people (so this has a true value of $500 per page for a value of $6,000) You will literally have the same High-Converting lead capture pages he uses to suck in tens of thousands of subscribers and generate high six-figures ready to go without ever having to click edit.(Value $6,000)

FEATURE #5: 12 Quality Done For You Branded PDFs With PLR Rights!

– You will receive 12 professionally written Done For You lead magnets. These PDFs are generated with your name, company name and affiliate links in just a few clicks! This uses software that automatically updates your lead magnets with your information and links without you ever touching the source files. Of course, the source files are provided complimentary for you as you have full PLR rights. (Value $1,200)

FEATURE #6: 365+ DFY Professionally Written, High-Converting Email Promotion Swipes
– You will receive ONE FULL YEAR of follow-up email letters where it will automatically promote, engage, and build a bonded relationship with each new subscriber without you having to write one single word, EVER. – You only need to enter your details ONCE & the system will automatically add your name, signature, and affiliate links on all emails. – It is that powerful. (Value $36,500)

FEATURE #7: White Label Affiliate Marketing Course – You will receive a full 22 -part affiliate marketing course that goes over all the aspects of affiliate marketing. You will be able to sell this product as if it was your own and keep 100% of the profits. PLUS the entire course will be pre-filled with dozens of your affiliate links throughout the lessons that will sell for you. (Value $10,000)

FEATURE #8: Done or You Professionally Crafted Sales Page  – You will receive a full professional sales page for your white label affiliate course. You can sell the course for a minimum of $7 with no maximum. This professionally crafted masterpiece will funnel a high percentage of visitors into your members’ area where they will see your affiliate offers. (Value $2,997)

FEATURE #9:  MASSIVE Traffic Secrets Package from TOP Traffic Experts– You will have Henry Gold, Greg Jeffries, Chad Bartlett and many more traffic legends to pass on their traffic strategies with you where you will master the same exact formula to get millions of potential customers from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, FB Live, Solo ads, Google, SEO, Free Traffic, Paid Traffic, and…. (You tell me, we will share them all with you. PERIOD.)      (Value $10,000)

FEATURE #10: Priority MAB Support  – You will receive the Platinum Level support you deserve with one of my top tech team members at your disposal for one FULL YEAR. All you need to do is email your tech questions to a specific email address and we will get back to you in two business days. Not to mention you get an awesome support group as well! (Value $18,250)

FEATURE #11: Monthly VIP coaching calls – This will be an exclusive call with me OR one of my top coaches where we will answer any and all questions. You will have James or another coach jump on the call with you and other VIP members where you can ask me ANY questions that you want. (Value $12,000+)

FEATURE #12: Exclusive access to James’ Traffic Rolodex  – You will get access to ALL of his secret traffic sources, top solo ad vendors and top producing traffic gods that can send you tens of thousands of unique visitors in days. These have contributed to more than 700,000 subscribers between me and my mentor. It took us years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to discover them. And, they are all yours, included! (Value $10.000)

FEATURE #13: Recordings for ALL Sessions, Q&A Sessions & Live Case Studies– You will also get Recordings for ALL monthly Masterclass Sessions, Q&A Sessions & Live Case Studies You will receive the recording of each and every LIVE session that we hold. (Value: PRICELESS)

VIP sessions with Massive Affiliate Blueprint

FEATURE #14: MAB VIP Community – You’re going to get access to myself and all the other elite MAB VIPs in our private community. A lot of these members are part of the same community that helped and supported him from an anxious recluse who couldn’t speak a word on camera to what you see today.
 (Value: $997)

FEATURE #15: 1 Click Download MAB System You get the FULL MAB System that you can download in a single click. This saves you an incredible amount of time and effort. To create, set up, edit and enter all your details in all the done for you materials would take a technically competent person more than 6 months. He should know because he is a technically competent person and that’s how long it took him to create MAB!

FEATURE #16: Your Step By Step Blueprint to His 6-Figure Business You get every email, every sales page, every bridge page, every resource, every secret, every strategy and EVERYTHING he has used to become a high 6-figure earner in near record time.  (VALUE $PRICELESS)

There is already an insane value in everything else. Know that he will keep adding value and keep overdelivering constantly because you are his highest priority. In the MAB, there are no hidden upsells. This is it. You get EVERYTHING.  (VALUE $PRICELESS)

Basically, you will own…EVERYTHING.

This allows you to work less, make more, and enjoy the lifestyle you have been dreaming of.

Total Value $106,947+ 

But I am not done yet because just like James loves over-delivering by providing exceptional value, I do too so here are my bonuses if you get MAB today!

My Massive Affiliate Blueprint Bonuses

Massive Affiliate Blueprint Bonus
massive affiliate blueprint bonus
rapid profit machine bonus
bonus for massive affiliate blueprint
massive affiliate blueprint review bonus
healthynuliving bonus
rapid profit machine bonuses

How Much Does The Massive Affiliate Blueprint Cost?

A 6 figure package, with a tiny price tag.

Reminder you will get a Total Value of $106,947+ (not including my bonuses!)

I could easily charge $50,000 for this kind of package, honestly and I know a dozen people who would take me up on it. 

There are programs being sold right now for more than $50,000 which don’t include half as much.

The strategies and secrets inside the training alone are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to the affiliates that have put them into practice.

They would be a bargain at $25,000. 

They would be a steal at $10,000

It would be insane at $5,000

But right now, in this launch period ONLY.

You can get the entire package and ALL the bonuses for a ridiculously low investment of just $997!

So if you want to start your high ticket affiliate marketing empire in 2 hours and start earning those $3750 commissions (and that’s just on 1 product from 1 lead!) then click the button below and let’s go!

Another option is to start Rapid Profit Machine for free first (you also get your 2-week Builderall free trial in the RPM) and then get Massive Affiliate Blueprint so you make those huge (MAB member-only) 75% commissions on all RPM products (3 are monthly recurring) and MAB products!

That way you could literally have the price of your MAB system paid off in no time! (That’s what I did).

I also made the 1st MAB sale with the new 75% commission! Yay me 🙂

Massive affiliate blueprint income proof

If you have any questions please leave a comment below or if you optin to either my MAB &/or RPM list just reply to 1 of my emails and I will get back to you asap.

As I am always here to support you on your affiliate marketing journey!

Thanks for coming to check out my blog 🙂

*This post is for educational purposes only. Individual results may vary. The fact that I have made money from this affiliate program does not mean that you too can make the same amount of money. You might make more or less, it all depends on experience, determination and a lot of other things. It is very important for you to know that everything you do and get from this is at your own risk and depends on how much work you are willing to put in.

Massive Affiliate Blueprint Review | Massive Done For You Affiliate Marketing System

You can check it out here: and get your free affiliate marketing masterclass & learn more about my Massive Affiliate Bluep…

Massive Affiliate Blueprint Review– Can Transform You into a Highly Paid Affiliate » Many Roads Travelled
Massive Affiliate Blueprint Review 1

Are you looking to make a full-time income with affiliate marketing? Then the Massive Affiliate Blueprint is for you! You have NEVER seen anything like this!

Price: 1000

Price Currency: $

Operating System: internet

Application Category: Affiliate Marketing

Editor's Rating:
Massive Affiliate Blueprint Review– Can Transform You into a Highly Paid Affiliate » Many Roads Travelled

Are you looking to make a full-time income with affiliate marketing? Then the Massive Affiliate Blueprint is for you! You have NEVER seen anything like this!

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