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2 days in Athens visiting the Acropolis at sunrise

2 Days In Athens + Crete And Rhodes, Greece (S1E4)

2 Days In Athens + Crete & Rhodes (Travel Podcast Episode 4)

Welcome to Episode 4 of Many Roads Travelled : (Solo Female) Travel podcast …Let the adventure begin!

Did you miss episode 1? If so here it is!

The podcast that takes you on epic adventures around the world via public transport or hitching! So if you love solo female travel, adventures, or just travel in general then come along for the ride!

This series is about my 16 month, 30k mile road trip from Paris to Cape Town way back in 1993/94!

Not to worry though as I give you up to date tips throughout the episode.

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The Parthenon Athens Greece
The Parthenon Athens Greece

What Is This Travel Podcast Episode About?

In episode 4 we cover another 1000 miles in our 30k mile road trip to Africa taking us to 2350 miles covered so far.

I talk about what we did for 2 days in Athens & what happened after we got busted by the Greek cops!

As well as 2 stormy ferry crossings from Pireus, Greece to Crete and then the ferry from Crete to Rhodes.

Sleeping in a cave in Matala Crete for 2 nights-magical and finally yacht hitching to Marmaris Turkey from Rhodes. 

If you are looking for cool things or guided tours during your stay in Athens just click here.

The Acropolis, Athens Greece
The amazing Acropolis Athen Greece

Best Things To See In Athens:

  • The Acropolis
  • The Parthenon
  • Haidan’s Arch
  • Temple of Zeus

Where To Stay In Greece
Caves at Matala Crete
I slept in the middle cave for 2 moonlit nights in Matala Crete

What To Do In Crete & Rhodes (What I Did)

  • Ferry from Athens to Crete
  • Heraklion, Crete (the capitol)
  • Spent 2 nights sleeping in the Matala Caves (not possible any longer)
  • Ferry from Heraklion, Crete to Rhodes
  • Dodcanese, Rhodes
  • Hitched a ride on a yacht to Marmaris, Turkey

Click here to have a look at an amazing day out at sea exploring Greek islands from Rhodes.

Rhodes harbour and boat we took on our 2 days in Athens
Rhodes harbour and the yacht we hitched to Turkey on- yes!

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VIDEO: What To Do For 2 Days In Athens

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